Doctor Strawberry is a particularly child-friendly solution because everyone associates this fruit with something pleasant. Thanks to Doctor Strawberry’s house calls, you do not have to leave the house with your ill child and wait in a line for many hours. Good contact with children, patience and clear communication with parents contribute to a nice atmosphere during a visit.

Doctor Strawberry’s mobile office additionally provides an opportunity for your child to undergo medical tests without leaving the house. High-tech medical equipment and innovative methods for detection of the most common infectious diseases make a more thorough diagnosis and a more accurate treatment possible. All of these aspects together guarantee little patients’ comfort and safety and their parents’ peace of mind.

Doctor Strawberry
offers the following to your child

  • a possibility to play in a cosy room instead of sitting in a waiting room,
  • an examination performed by a smiling doctor without a lab coat,
  • recovery without undue stress.

Doctor Strawberry
offers the following to you

  • saving your time,
  • a thorough examination of your Toddler with state-of-the-art equipment,
  • detailed answers to your questions,
  • if necessary – diagnosis of the most common diseases and measurement of vital parameters during a house call,
  • an optimum course of treatment in compliance with current guidelines and medical data selected on the basis of test results.


Price list

1 A house call: Monday –Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 150 PLN
2 A house call outside of Poznań 200 PLN
3 A house call at night / at the weekend / on public holidays 200 PLN
4 A house call outside of Poznań at night / at the weekend / on public holidays 250 PLN
Diagnostic tests for additional payment. Price list for additional tests


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