I am a doctor

“I’m going to be a doctor” – this is what I used to say when I was a little girl. However, back then the objects of my fascination changed quickly and frequently. When I was a teenager I decided to become a journalist and work at a radio station, study at a journalism school and live in the alluring world of mass media. I was completely drawn to this idea. Yet, shortly before my secondary school leaving examination I realized that I really wanted to help people, not to entertain them. I decided to study medicine in Cracow. The six years I spent there were wonderful. I met fascinating doctors at Uniwersytecki Szpital Dziecięcy (University Children’s Hospital of Cracow) who inspired me to do my current job.

My specialization is pediatrics

Working with children has always been a great energy boost for me. In high school I held first aid workshops of the Polish Red Cross for elementary school students. During my studies I treated dozens of stuffed toys in nurseries as a part of the Teddy Bear Hospital project. Later on I educated teenagers on the methods of cancer prevention in “Mam haka na raka” (“I can outsmart cancer”) program. In the final years of my studies I spent most weekends at Klinika Chorób Dzieci (Children’s Disease Clinic), participating in classes of a pediatrics scientific circle. During my postgraduate internship I spent most of my free time on the wards of Specjalistyczny Zespół Opieki Zdrowotnej nad Matką i Dzieckiem w Poznaniu (Specialized Health Care Center for Women and Children in Poznań), where I also work today. On completion of my internship I did not hesitate to choose pediatrics.

I am a mum

I have also experienced the issue of a child’s illness from the other perspective – that of a parent. I know how a mother feels when she is worried about her child’s health problems. An ill toddler’s irritation and bad mood are completely understandable to me. I have noticed that a sick child feels the best at home, with his or her parents, surrounded by favorite toys. For this reason I would like to give to other Parents what comes as an “extra perk” of my job – comfort of medical care in the best place for a child – at home.

Every day I perfect my skills regarding communication with children

Striving to become an ideal parent and pediatrician, I cannot leave out the issue of communication. Building trust, making a connection, listening with patience – I consider these factors a key to developing good relations. Sometimes I sit down with my little patient and build a house out of toy bricks, at other times I bandage a teddy bear or simply listen carefully. While giving recommendations to Parents I avoid using jargon and speak in a clear and simple manner. I want to clarify all doubts and answer all questions. Thanks to this we can choose the most suitable method and form of treatment together at the end of a visit.

After hours

I am a bookworm. I enjoy reading tremendously – mostly crime stories and thrillers, sometimes also poetry. When I have some extra energy, I ride a bike, go inline skating or work out at the gym. When I have some extra time, I start sewing, writing, painting or realizing my potential in other creative ways. Since I became a mum I have been constantly looking for ways to combine my own passions with my two-year-old daughter’s interests and activities. In my free time I most often go for a walk with my family in parks and alleys in Poznań – this is what we all really enjoy.


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